V Radio Jakarta 106.6

V Radio FM Jakarta Streaming

V Radio 106.6 FM Jakarta

V Radio 106.6 FM Jakarta

FM V Radio Jakarta is one of the most popular radio channels present at the place of Jakarta, Indonesia. It is very often that females, now, perform so many projects in way of lifestyle. They look for the entertainment, satisfaction, and inspiration that will enhance her way of lifestyle and the relationships she likes. V Music is charming, mild, seems to be which could inspire you to experience at home, and at the same interval, creates the spirit to Achieve female stressful schedule nowadays. They could be a career individual, a housewives, a mom, a fan, and much more (multitasking role), and be the Achievements of her way of lifestyle.

V Radio listeners are lady or Women, within the age of 2 5-40 years of age with a public budget of A, B. modern individualities space partners are: permissive, important, free to select with responsibility, females with objectives, objectives and objectives. “It is Woman from Venus, Virgin cellular mobile, Vacation, Achievements and V Monitor into stereo The Conversation of Encouraging Women.” Hence this radio usually inform about the flourishing and the go getters think as urban-metropolitan way of lifestyle. May also listen U-FM Jakarta Streaming.

Name V Radio
Frequency 106.6
Location Jakarta Tel 021-3923555
Genre Woman Hits Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia FAX 021-3927001

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