Sindo Radio Jakarta Online

Radio Sindo FM Jakarta 104.6

Sindo Radio FM Jakarta Streaming

Sindo Radio FM Jakarta Streaming

Radio Sindo is one of the most popular radios of the location Jakarta, Indonesia. Along with the framework and information because the primary choice music as a disruption, Sindo Trijaya there to provide a new colour in the air industry in the country. Before passed on framework, listeners would be ready with the facts which are more existing and motivating. It broadcast format is interlude songs and good music and strikes, making us to be the one and only stereo information Wonderful Noticed. And the main energetic stuff of this station is the new genre. The prospective audience is Sindo 104.6 Professionals, Entrepreneur, and Bureaucrats.

We encourage the listeners with the title “Professional Sindo” with tag range “For a Better Indonesia”. However the existing information, loaded in exclusive, various and only offer essential details to the viewers. Sindo Trijaya existing more than just offering information, we are here to be observed to be able to be better. A variety of ministers, business owners, and experts are there to finish the existing programs in the Sindo and online www.sindonews.com. Listen Radio Muslim Jakarta Online.

Name Sindo Radio
Frequency 104.6
Location Jakarta Tel (021)3923 555
Genre News Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia SMS 0812 111 1046

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