Sejahtera 106.9 FM Malang

Radio Sejahtera FM Malang

Sejahtera 106.9 FM Streaming

Sejahtera 106.9 FM Streaming

Radio Sejahtera FM is acting as a prime media member for the entertainment shows arrangement for the listeners and blending the taste of audience with business magazines, online assets and abroad media associate in the region of Malang, Indonesia. For bringing the listeners messages to amounts of organization executives the Radio Sejahtera is using the frequency of 106.9 to introduce itself in the region. So many of the fans are relaying around the event organized by the team of the Sejahtera 106.9 FM. The DJ’s and the RJ’s are really masterminded and doing the transmissions of the enjoyment in the host urban areas and home.
This channel of the Malang is furnished with expert and capable staff including announcers and the co-workers. By the deliberations of staff the Radio Sejahtera FM is picking up more association of listeners. The info’s seekers would always find what’s more new in the city and the country including the world wide information and the details. So none of the fan of the Sejahtera FM 106.9 want to miss the fantastic and contemporary youth contents broadcasts. It is also broadcasting all of the contents in the native language of Indo as well as in English for 24/7. Radio Kencana FM Malang.

Name Sejahtera FM Frequency 106.9
Location Malang Tel
Genre Local Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia SMS

Sejahtera 106.9 FM Malang 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote

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