Sangkakala Radio Surabaya 1062 AM

Radio Sangkakala FM Surabaya Streaming

Sangkakala Radio Surabaya Streaming

Sangkakala Radio Surabaya Streaming

The Radio Sangkakala is an other worldly AM transmissions for the listeners of the Surabaya, Indonesia. The Radio Sangkakala is the only AM Channel in the Surabaya which got the 1062 frequency for the largest listeners community broadcasts. The Radio Sangkakala 1062 is encompassing territories with an extremely shifted project. The efforts of the AM Sangkakala getting the great portion and target gatherings of people are the fundamental family, while the vision and mission is possessed. As Radio Sangakakala has taken the great popularity after radio positioning containing the edutainment which consists of the broadcasts of the education and entertainment. The main segmentations of the listeners of the Radio Sangkakala 1062 AM Surabaya Indonesia consists of the families both for upper middle class while the primary segment includes the adults to elderly of ages 25 to 55 years old. The major forms of cooperation is to become a biggest spot of advertising. Moreover, the listeners of the AM Sangkakala could also accessed the facility of blocking programs which they don’t want to listen on their devices. It got a vertical antenna which mostly contains the transmitter and covers the digital high definition Radio services.

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