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Suara Quran LogoRadio Suara¬†Quran Lombok is the totally amazing standout amongst the best medium to spread the Sunnah Propagation is by sound media is FM via the entire city of Mataram in the whole country of Indonesia. To this end the Radio Suara Quran imparted some Ustadz and the Brotherhood built PT. Light Radio Ummah who has visions and missions to illuminate the general population regarding the Aqeedah of truth which goes to the Qur’an and Sunnah as per the understanding of the Companions, Successors Tabiut.

Suara Quran Lombok is progressing in innovation way and have been so quick this time, so it is more shows to be picked by audience of community, although have arrived at the some of the best programs among the country number one reveals. The FM is broadcasting the most popular Naats and the interviews with the world’s perceived Scholars for increasing the Religion perspective not only in the Indonesia but also the outside areas. Now the listeners could also get the transmissions of the featuring events i.e. the Naats, Qiraat Competitions etc.

Name Suara Quran Frequency 106.7
Location Lombok Tel (0376) 2924043
Genre Islamic Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia SMS  081 907861110

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