Radio Sonora FM 92.0 Jakarta

Radio Sonora FM Jakarta Online

Sonora FM Jakarta Indonesia

Sonora FM Jakarta Indonesia

Radio Sonora FM is the most popular radio channel situated at the location of Jakarta, Indonesia. Sonora began its 1st broadcasting on Aug 8, 1972 in range with using the AM studio space room on Jl. Gajah 109 – European Jakarta. As far as the development of technical, on Objective 6, 1988, Sonora moved to observe the frequency 100.9 FM. And to meet up with the requirements of listeners, since Aug 2000, Sonora airs 24 times endless. In 2004, the government updated the usage. Audience include the 46% Male and 54% Female. With a call sign of Family Sonora Radio it has won the Award of NAB Award from American States, 10 April 2002.

Sonora name, in accordance with the Latina / Terminology which indicate sounds – melodic seems to be. With a 24-hour endless passed on, passed on Sonora FM Jakarta targeted to close relatives (all ages) and observed by more than 1.3 number of million people from middle and greater classification. To which end, the time frame of Aug 1, 2004, Sonora acquired a prize from the National Organization of TV channels (NAB) of the Globally Transferring High quality Award 2002 which was published on Apr 10, 2002 in Las Nevada, USA. Listen Smart FM Jakarta Online 95.9.

Name Sonora FM
Frequency 92.0
Location Jakarta Tel (021) 633 7783
Genre Spoken Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia FAX (021) 6387 3981

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