Radio MS Tri FM Jakarta 104.2

MS Tri FM Online 104.2

Radio MS Tri FM Streaming

Radio MS Tri FM Streaming

Radio Ms Tri FM is the well known radio station located at the location of Jakarta, Indonesia. After the many years on the air, we have a motto which is very connected to the name Jakarta. By means of face-haired wavy ladies, vignette. This MS Tri FM has been little time is still time. The DJ’s and RJ are too passionate about their workings and they are here all the time to complete the requests of the listeners whatever they demand to listen. MS Tri FM 104.2 is the radio does Intelligent People,-called AKADEMIA. Background of their universities, which are still active main campus, or already graduated the campus there is also a smart an important age not more than 40 years.

The genre is full of variety to compete with the other stations of the location. In reality our team seems to be only makes decals keeping the source. Thus it is consistent modified when must be a business. However it is broadcasting in the national language for the ease of understanding.Patra FM Duri 93.6 Jakarta Streaming.

Name MS Tri
Frequency 104.2
Location Jakarta Tel (021) 5655920
Genre News Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia Mobile (021) 5642426

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