Radio Metro Female Surabaya Online

Radio Metro Female Surabaya Streaming

Radio Metro Female Online Streaming

Radio Metro Female Online Streaming

The Radio Metro is bringing the contents in its broadcasts which totally concerns on what ladies need would like to knows in the locality of the Surabaya, Indonesia. Everything which is totally suites to the ladies can be listen on the exhibited frequency of the 88.5 as a Radio METRO Female. Since 8, Aug, 2000 the Raido Metro Female is working under the administration of Wijaya Group. The Radio METRO FM 88.5 Female deliberately found at 20 East Silver Street Surabaya is one of the radio to answer everything the needs of ladies for data about wellbeing, excellence, profession, family, lifestyle and intriguing data other. The reliable audience members with Radio Metro Female Surabaya melodies going up to the current period recently ’80s, both Indonesian and memiliki crowd division fluctuated, with 85% of ladies and 15% men, matured between 17 to 65 years, with the Economic Status Social AB +. The METRO Radio 88.5 FM Female individuals is also working for the decision Surabaya, Central Java, Bali and whatever remains of the world through Radio On-Line. The Radio Metro Female Surabaya 88.5 Indonesia is the only ladies language and family station which is for the most audience members women family fragment, Rating VIII, most audience members SRI 2002 to 2003.

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