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Radio Kosmonita LogoRadio Kosmonita FM is the well known radio station positioned at the place of Malang, Indonesia. All with the strength of the 11th birthday in 2013, the Kosmonita Radio returning again with some hype for the better, one of them is the existence Kosmonita web page idea that is absolutely new and clean. Our listeners can also join us by applying on our web page. Just requires less than 3 moments to sign-up and you will be an aspect of us, the real Kosmonita.

Women is the main focus on audience, as our team always try for courteous, fashionable, and brilliant in performing, both on-air and off-air. As our objectives is to listen to an older lady and design, with the financial ability sessions A, B, C, and C1. Make sure you are also linked with the perform subscribers RSS nourish to never skip essential info from us. Supports us keep be providers of modify and growth that delivers big objectives. For the ease of understanding it is broadcasting in the language of Indonesia. Sejahtera 106.9 FM Malang.

Name Radio Kosmonita Frequency 95.4
Location Malang Tel  0341-558044
Genre Adult Contemporary Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia SMS

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