Radio DFM Jakarta 103.4 FM

Radio DFM 103.4 Jakarta Indonesia

Radio DFM 103.4 Indonesia

Radio DFM 103.4

103.4FM Radio DFM Jakarta is the well known radio channel present at the place of Jakarta, Indonesia. 103.4FM Radio DFM Jakarta skilled individuals in the transmitted business can assist you to build and generate stereo areas to get the best Effects for your marketing. This service is not restricted to manufacturing only spot, but also placement applications and stereo applications.  The announcers and DJ’s are so much passionate about their work and all the day ready to complete the requests of audience. 103.4 FM have an especial group to control activities, Such as the schedule stereo action or as an activities organizer from any party activities, new product releasing, workshops and any other marketing activities.

103.4FM Radio DFM Jakarta Indonesia  prosperous and the go getter think as sophisticated way of life, modern individualizes room mates are permissive, significant, free to choose with liability, women with goals, admiration’s and dreams. DFM 103.4 seeks the enjoyment, pleasure, and motivation that will improve her way of life and the connections she loves. It is broadcasting in the language of Indonesia. Listen Radio Camajaya 102.6 FM Jakarta.

DFM Jakarta Crew

Name DFM Frequency 103.4
Location Jakarta Tel  +62 21 791 90 416
Genre Top 40 POp Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia  Fax +62 815 1034 1034

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