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Citra FM Kendal 99.7 FM Semarang

Citra FM Kendal Streaming

Citra FM Kendal Streaming

Radio Citra FM Kendal is the most popular radio station present at the area of Semerang, Indonesia. Hopefully, Citra and radio audience together (that indicates you!) Will browse the next trend and show it once again that the above forecast was a bad one. Citra FM is providing their streams in 32 kb AAC and 32 kb MP3. That’s what Citra 99.7 to listen to from his colleagues in reaction to his urgings for financial commitment in stereo returning in the Twenties. The DJ’s and RJ are very talented personalities of the location. Recently there is presence of remedy available for audience to see their buddies’ roommates’ channels – or identical oriented individuals – are paying attention to, nor a good way to position the hundreds were of Welcome to Thunderbird 100 % free songs, information, and discuss channels out there. First of all, there are over thousand Radio audiences that track in to “On Air” stereo weekly. A variety that has more than more than doubled in the last 0.5 decades and is positioned to proceed increasing. The broadcasting medium is Indonesian language. Enjoy Radio Trax FM 90.2 Semarang.

Name Citra FM Frequency 99.7
Location Semarang Tel
Genre English Music Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia FAX

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