Radio BeFM Semarang

Radio BeFM Semarang Streaming

Radio Be FM 107.7

Radio Be FM 107.7

Radio Be FM is the well known radio station positioned at the place of Semerang, Indonesia. Depending on its perspective, Be FM offers details, motivation, innovation, information and enjoyment for the town of Semarang in transmitting. Along with the headline “Be FM 107.7 goes to International Radio”, Network shifted through via radio, Nux Stereo for BlackBerry app. All because of the improving demands of the team and the progression of technological innovation, particularly interaction press, radio hoping to provide comfort for the team to get details. This is performed to be able to achieve a broader team.

Our section listeners are our primary online surfers, the individual workplace that roughly 70% were at the front part of the pc with online connection and smart phone customers as well as Blackberry mobile phones, etc. Via this interaction press, the team could quickly pay attention to FM 107.7 whenever and wherever they are. Enjoy RASIL 720 AM Jakarta.

Name BE FM Frequency 107.7
Location Jakarta Tel +62-24-3541077
Genre Local Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia FAX

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