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Radio Bass FM Streaming

Radio Bass FM Streaming

Radio Bass FM is the most popular radio network of the position Surakarta, Indonesia. Bass is a system position which encourages Islamic details. We aim to offer the opportunity structure which encourages all Muslims back to the direction of Allah Almighty endowed. Hence from 2007 to 2009 Bass FM certification began, then certification procedure followed by Radio SUNNA in Goal 2010. FM BASS acquire official authorization passed on at a regularity of 93.2 MHz’s. And the growth and movement of individuals around the beneficial pattern which was so excellent, we try to enhance the high quality of our shows with various forms of collaboration which are offered from various areas. The DJ’s are very talented and all are liked by all the listeners in the area.

We began the details which lead permits for 93.2 system since 2007 when we begin the certification procedure which was first passed on. Alhamdulillah, Compliment is to Allah, after difficult for several decades, accurately on Goal 9, 2011. It is transmitting its stuff in the language of Indonesia. Al-Hidayah FM 107.6 Solo.

Name Bass FM Frequency 93.2
Location Salatiga Tel
Genre Islamic/Talk Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia Fax

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