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Radio Assunnah Cirebon

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The Radio Assunnah is one of the most popular radio network positioned at the place of Cirebon, Indonesia. Assunnah Recognized on Apr 1, 2008 and documented in the Notary public. It is the high class radio of the place with the very interesting materials. Radio Reproduction Assunnah Al Islamiyah is the suppliers of personal transmitting radio transmitting solutions Call Place with Assunnah Cirebon. The DJ’s and RJ very jolly and entertaining persons and they are here all the time to entertain the listeners. Starting from the organization of PT.

Radio that is a way of state-owned businesses involved in stereo transmitting solutions. As the many and more prominent stereo system in the area, this cutting-edge is something which contains unusual and exclusive. The announcers and co-workers are cooperative with the audience as they every time try to full fill the on call and on net demands of the listeners. Radio Assunnah Cirebon however continues to be with Islamic nuance. The broadcasting media of the contents is Indonesian Language.Listen also PilaRadio Cirebon in high quality Stream.

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