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Radio ALFA FM Bandung Online

Radio ALFA FM Bandung Online

ALFA FM Bandung is well preformed and top class radio channel of the Indonesia which is located in the Bandung city and its frequency is 107.9 MHZ. It has wide range broadcast it covers much area of its surroundings. Alfa FM Bandung 107.9 has many informative and knowledgeable programs in which RJS talk about the new inventions and discoveries. It is using English and Indonesian language so that the people can easily understand. Many younger listen it and get authentic logical information about science art IT social sciences and so on. People can give their opinions about the programing schedule and they can also discuss about the programs. Women can get much knowledge about recipes and beauty tips. Younger can keep the care about their health by listening its programs. Children can gain many logical reasons about their education. Alfa FM 107.9 concentrates on the education health and many other issues. It has high position and ranking in the Indonesia. On the other hand music of every type is also available in the Alfa FM 107.9. you can also download its application on your mobile phone and also listen by online streaming on your internet. It is one of the best radio station which has everything for the listeners and they enjoy it very much. It has a lot of entertainment for the listeners so join Alfa FM 107.9 and lead your lives according to your desires.

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