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Radio Pilar FM Cirebon 88.6

Pilaradio FM is the most popular radio channel located at the area of Cirebon, Indonesia. Pila Radio listeners are Fashionable, Following Trans, hanging out, listening to music, audience. It has a great number of fans throughout the locality who love it all. Pilaradio is covering the awesome Life style of audience of the area relating TV / Cinema, readers of newspapers / magazines, internet users. The DJ’s are very talented personalities of the location. However the music format of Pilaradio is Indonesia 65% and West 35%. While the Station Format of Pila Radio Cirebon is songs enjoyment, arts information, technological innovations, auto motivations, sports and infotainment, different gossips, various quizzes and off water actions, along with eye catching packaging and is always updated.

PilaRadio has a great genre including the various types of entertaining and informative stuffs. It’s just speaking to the existing percentage is still relatively less space-consuming than the complete system transmitted by stereo. It has a nice slogan which shows its superiority in the area that is ‘Your Favourite Channel’. For more interesting and entertaining contents please visit our official website at

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