Patra FM Duri 93.6 Jakarta

Radio Patra FM Duri Online

Patra FM Duri Streaming

Patra FM Duri Streaming

Patra FM Duri is the well known radio network present at the area of Jakarta, Indonesia. Patra adhere to these guidelines, so that its name into PT Radio Transmitting Assistance. The certification was later modified to Patra FM 93.6 in the running years. Advantages and strengths of the dissemination of information and promotion push to participate as a media for its partners. Patra Duri 93.6 for the better among the best. We are dedicated to Youth and Adult Age listeners are always dynamic and liked the actual information. This radio is “Answer Challenge of the Future”.

Patra FM 93.6 team as a “FAMILY”, is aspect of the beginning of individual lifestyle before interacting with the outside globe, then the system of Patra Duri 93.6 Indonesia is more concentrate on the lifestyle of a family. Our DJ’s and RJ are one of the strengths of Mass Communication Media is able to publish a message simultaneously and can reach audiences in all places, based on the latest technological developments radio capable of two-way communication process. Enjoy Pas FM Radio Jakarta Online 92.4.

Name Patra FM
Frequency 93.6
Location Duri Tel ( 0765 ) 92044
Genre News Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia Mobile 081321015666

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