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OZ Radio Lampung is also one the most popular radio network positioned in the area of Bandar Lampug, Indonesia. And its popularity increasing day by day with respect to modelling shows. Basically OZ Radio Lampung, is a modelling info radio station where anybody can get information regarding to modelling therefore it is mostly listened by modelling concerning Indonesians. When it firstly broadcasted, FM OZ is dedicated to transmitting in Indonesian language and the person of Indonesia was enjoying the music. In its growth, the process of transmitting OZ 94.4 Places has highs and lows in the control and broadcasting applications transmitted. Since 2002, OZ, a younger station which is Intelligent, Fun, Innovative, Mad, and Unforeseen with a different structure from other regional networks, has been on the air. OZ FM from OZ ISLAND Live transmitting on the road. This radio station, providing the rumors, Activity, Life Design, Enjoyment, Clean Songs, Film, Group and Game. OZ is the first radio which has an entrance out transmitting van ‘OZ Cruizer’ and an air system is very different and a fashion leader in Lampung, Listen all other Indonesia Radios Online and Listen also OZ Radio Bandung Listen Online Streaming.

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