Gajahmada FM Semarang

Gajahmada FM Radio Online 102.4

Gajah Mada FM 102.4 Streaming

Gajah Mada FM 102.4 Streaming

Gajahmada FM is one of the most popular radio channel situated at the place of Semarang, Indonesia. The place where the air studio room was enshrined into the name of the air. Three decades later, the control and place of the studio room shift. Under the authority of stereo companies and workplaces take up at companies and programs transmitted done. Appropriate Government Control (PP) No. 50/1977 on the legal position of non-governmental radio, Stereo Gajah Mada also joins a known as PT. It is also a participant of the Nationwide Organization of Private Broadcasting Stereo or PRSSNI Semarang (No. 239-9/1978), with transmitted privileges by the Reverend of Information. Technological innovation that is constantly on the transmitted, radio shift from 828 AM to 102.6 Gajahmada FM FM in May 1991. Although trying its best in the locality where it is located at Semarang Indonesia.

If we go through the Gajahmada FM 102.4 Semarang then we found that it was recognized in 1972. At pattern of 2004, corresponding regularity agreement by the govt working with a new regularity at 102.4 FM. This Radio Station has a vision on which it’s committed and that vision is being press knowledge, details, and enjoyment for the beneficial. While its simple mission is doing reveals to offer the best for the viewers.You may also Enjoy Fast FM Magelang Online.

Name Gajahmada FM Frequency 102.4
Location Magelang Tel 024-3550088
Genre TOp40/Pop Language English
Country Indonesia Fax  0811251024

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