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Erdamah 107.7 FM Indonesia

Erdamah 107.7 FM Indonesia

Radio Fajri FM 99.3 BogorĀ  Among the so many thins songs is the one thing that create life style more relaxed. Pay attention to good music, can be their own enjoyment to be more relaxed, to develop a beneficial feelings, feelings impressive and relaxing. One of the leading applications these days are Fajri morning transmitted program, transmitted system communicate in place namely Jakarta. This time Fajri 99.3 modify can be found in a duo structure and transmitted the occasion more entertaining material. Now Fajri 99.3 Whim with material that will get people to grin, motivated and interested simultaneously with the order of the music of his delightful. Fajri FM 99.3 Via this modify, Fajri FM 99.3 wish to develop a distributed perspective with Fajri FM friend to take it easy without dropping its value with appreciation, ‘Live Your Best Life’. It is predicted which perspective can be noticed through a 100% feed consumption is a great pop music and useful information. And for our associate, The New FM 99.3 provide alternatives and services that have been incorporated to present a product, product or preferred initial. ListenĀ Atera FM 88.8 Indonesia Online.

Radio Atera FM General Information

Name Fajri FM
Frequency 99.3
Location Bogor Tel
Genre Top 40 Pop Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia Address

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