Delta FM Semarang 96.1

Radio Delta FM Semarang

Delta FM Streaming

Delta FM Streaming

Delta FM is one of the most popular radio stations present at the position of Semerang, Indonesia. Since Dec 2011 Delta FM make a great change and enhancement with the idea of a new launch by enjoying the best music and the most delightful in the hearing focus on viewers older 30-39 decades. Delta Radio was initially designed as a stereo section which objectives mature audience along with an age range of 35-45 years, well recognized, has a high rank in the organization, in govt and in community. Most of listeners is a category AB that has joined stage Jakarta way of life relaxed but full of significance (well establish).

At first, 1990’s providing listeners by enjoying the music (products) play the songs Fantastic Remembrances, Lovely Songs who mixed well with Jazz songs and the preventing event-insert Place traditional songs. Delta 96.1 is a place which is part of the Team Masima Material & Route, the management organization of the different sections of listeners few of that Geronimo Radio and Radio Female. Semarang Fest 2011 is organised together with a similar occasion in Jakarta.Alamat Radio Rhema FM Semarang.

Name Delta FM Frequency 96.1
Location Semarang Tel +62217202443
Genre Asian Music Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia Fax +62217202443

Delta FM Semarang 96.1 3.75/5 (75.00%) 4 votes

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