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Dakta Radio Bekasi 107MHz Jakarta holds the great vision with respect to the Radio building located at the location of Jakarta, Indonesia. On March 27, 1992 Dakta with FM structure details 92.15 produced from Jalan KH. Dakta to the group as a Radio Network which has provided to and provides the group at large, particularly in the place of Town and Nation by introducing an entertaining structure, educative and alternatives. It has its own slogan like other popular radios which focus on the “Wisdom and Smart” is dedicated to provide feed to inform and impress the audience.

Dakta Radio Bekasi 107MHz after following the agreement of transmitted performed by the Secretary of state for Emails and Information Technology, since Aug 1, 2004. Dakta FM surf move in the road FM 107. On way much and more modified in structure, the structure turned to a women radio, family radio to gradually re-establish a Radio structure technicality of Islamic details since Feb 1, 2005 to the present. It is offering the great number of genres from the beginning of radio transmitting. ListenĀ Delta FM Jakarta Streaming 99.1.

Name Dakta FM
Frequency 107
Location Bekasi Tel +6221 880 7426
Genre News Language Indonesian
Country Indonesia Fax +62217202443

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