Bhasa FM 93.1 Situbondo

BHASA FM Situbondo Streaming

Radio Bhasa FM Streaming

Radio Bhasa FM Streaming

Radio Bhasa FM is one of the best radio channel in Indonesia located in Situbondo city.It is a top ranking radio channel and its frequency is 93.1.It brings a lot of fun for the listeners mostly youth listen Bhasa Fm 93.1.It broadcasts all the music pop folk jazz and rock.You can download application of Bhasa Fm 93.1 on your iPhone,iPod,i pad and android phone and you can listen online live music and any other programs.Wide range Bhasa Fm broadcasts its news at exact time.News of every type include sports news current news update news etc broadcast in Bhasa Fm Situbondo.You can listen beauty tips and fitness tips in this channel.There are also programs for the females in which includes beauty tips and health tips etc and they enjoy and like it very much.Number of listeners are increasing day by day due to its high quality music.Its melody night programs are the fabulous because of its composition by its producer.Every program have separate producer.You can also listen religious,full entertaining scientific and informative programs in Bhasa Fm Situbondo.You can get information about new inventions and discoveries.Online streaming bring the people more close to the Bhasa Fm and you can also share your argument with Fm 93.1 Situbondo .Its RJs are very cooperative and do not ignore anyone because every person is very important for us.

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