BASS FM Bojonegoro 96.6

BASS FM Bojonegoro Streaming

Radio Bass FM Bojonegoro Online

Radio Bass FM Bojonegoro Online

Bass FM is the most popular radio station of Indonesia which is located in Bojonegoro and its frequency is 96.6 MHz.Its an international radio station which have a lot of fun for the listeners and it is full of entertainment.It is a mix music channel which is famous for its high quality and fantastic composition of programs schedule. Bass FM Bojonegoro is a non stop radio station which transmission starts from morning to midnight.You can listen religious programs and you can make your life comfortable.It also have programs of knowledge you can gain your knowledge by listing this channel it is need of time.The combination of music also attract audience and make them joyful.Bass FM 96.6 is one of the top ranking radio station.if we talk about the staff then it has knowledgeable staff it has well skilled and polite speaker Rjs and also have well experienced Djs.Producers and station master of this channel are also good persons.Mostly student like this channel and also women because it has everything for them.You can listen every type of debates and also discoveries and new innovations by Bass FM 96.6.You can listen it in your internet by online streaming and you can also share your comments on our website.

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