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Ardan 105.9 FM Bandung Online

Radio Ardan FM is the one of the well known radio station located at the place of Bandung, Indonesia. It’s DJ’s and RJ’s are very talented and always try to broadcast the accurate details and info’s that’s why they are very popular in the whole locality. Currently ARDAN integrated in radio control ARDAN Team. ARDAN 105.9 FM can be observed via the 105.9 FM regularity to transmitted protection position about 50 miles in Bandung and around places. ARDAN 105.9, in start switched into a position gaining the name of the Ardan radio with regularity 105.9. This radio in range with the modifying periods, after modifying its name on 14 Apr 1983 take up a new position in Ravine Street No. 80. On 30 Apr 1989, for obtaining the good sound top quality, so we made the decision to change the regularity of the AM 234 M to 105.8 FM. Our radio station could also be observed on-line with stay sound streaming technology. ARDAN Live audio streaming can be accessed through the website, Listen all other Indonesia Radios Online and Listen also Bandung Radio 95.2 FM Radio Online.

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